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Common Problems With Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, the last molars to grow in, can often cause trouble, needing extraction. If you are experiencing severe pain, infections or serious damage to your surrounding teeth because of your wisdom teeth, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. The most common way to address this issue is by removing your wisdom teeth.

However, sometimes you may have no symptoms at all, even though your other teeth may be at risk of damage making it important to have a wisdom tooth assessment performed by a dentist. At Purity Dental, wisdom tooth removal is a common and routine procedure we perform to eliminate pain and the many problems caused by problematic wisdom teeth, such as:


What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth is an extra molar at the back of your mouth. These teeth generally come in when you’re older, usually in your late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are also called your third molars and are four in number. However, not everyone gets all 4 wisdom teeth. Some may get one or two wisdom teeth, while others get none.

In most cases, there isn’t enough space in your jawbone for them to erupt, leading to a condition called ‘impaction’. Impacted wisdom teeth erupt partially from the gums and can push against surrounding teeth, resulting in pain or oral health problems, such as infection and inflammation of the gums.


Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Here are some signs and symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth to look out for:

  • list iconDental pain and discomfort
  • list iconSwelling and tenderness around the face or jaw
  • list iconBad breath
  • list iconSwollen or bleeding gums
  • list iconHeadaches or earaches
  • list iconCysts around the wisdom tooth
  • list iconDifficulty chewing or opening your mouth
  • list iconJaw pain (especially when moving the jaw) and stiffness
  • list iconFever
  • list iconAn unpleasant taste in your mouth


Why Have A Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Having just one impacted wisdom tooth untreated can cause serious issues and severe pain. If a problem is detected with the development of your wisdom tooth, it is advised that you have it removed as soon as possible. Below are the most common reasons for having your wisdom tooth removed.

  • list iconTooth Decay
    If your wisdom tooth is impacted, saliva, bacteria and food can accumulate around it, causing decay to the wisdom tooth or the tooth beside it. This often leads to a painful toothache. You may also find it difficult to reach your wisdom teeth with your toothbrush or floss, creating the perfect spots for bacteria buildup.
  • list iconGum Infection
    If your tooth partially erupts through the gum, food particles and bacteria can accumulate beneath the gum, resulting in a local infection. This can lead to pain, swelling and bad breath. You may find it difficult to chew or open your mouth fully, and this infection can spread to the cheek and neck.
  • list iconPressure & Pain
    When a wisdom tooth develops, it can place a lot of pressure on the other teeth. This causes pain and can even lead to erosion of the neighbouring teeth.
  • list iconOrthodontic Reasons
    If you have received orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, your wisdom teeth can compromise the results by moving teeth out of place. It can lead to dental crowding, where your jaw lacks enough space for all your teeth.
  • list iconCyst Formation
    A cyst (fluid-filled sac) can form on the tissue surrounding an impacted wisdom tooth. This can lead to bone destruction, movement or decay of nearby teeth. The removal of the tooth and cyst is required to avoid further bone loss and reduce the risk of tumours developing inside these cysts.

In pain because of your wisdom tooth? Our experienced dentists can help.


Do I Need To Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Not all wisdom teeth cause problems because, for some, their wisdom teeth will grow out properly and won’t need to be extracted. However, if you have an impacted wisdom tooth causing you pain, swelling or crowding of teeth, you will need to have it removed.

The best way to determine if you do require wisdom tooth removal is to have an assessment carried out by one of our highly skilled dentists at Purity Dental.

Our dentists will discuss everything about the wisdom tooth removal process, from risks and costs to outcomes. Depending on the size, shape and position of your wisdom tooth, removal can range from a simple extraction to a more complex process.

In the case of a simple extraction, you can generally expect little swelling, bruising and bleeding.

More complex extractions will often result in severe bruising, swelling and bleeding. These side effects can be minimised and managed with help from your dentist.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom tooth removal is stress-free and as painless as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • list iconOn the day of the procedure, you’ll receive either local anaesthesia (numbing the extraction site) or general anesthesia (where you’ll be asleep during the procedure). This will ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.
  • list iconIf the wisdom tooth is impacted (partially or fully covered by gums), our dentist will make a small incision in the gum tissue to access it.
  • list iconUsing specialised tools, we gently loosen the tooth from its socket. If the tooth is impacted, it might need to be sectioned into smaller pieces for easier removal.
  • list iconIn some cases, stitches might be necessary to help with healing. These stitches are usually dissolvable and won’t need to be removed.
  • list iconAfter the tooth is removed, we’ll place a piece of gauze over the extraction site. This helps control bleeding and encourages the formation of a blood clot, which promotes healing of the site.
  • list iconYou will likely have to visit our dental clinic in Mulgrave for a follow-up appointment to ensure a smooth healing process.

If you’re receiving general anesthesia or sedation, you might find it difficult to drive yourself home afterwards. Therefore, we recommend having someone accompany you to ensure you get home safely.

We’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to follow at home. This includes information about managing discomfort, caring for the surgical site, and what to eat and avoid during the recovery period.



The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary depending on several factors. These include the type of sleep dentistry utilised, the severity of the case and if any additional treatments are needed.

It is vital to consult with a dental professional to get an accurate estimate of the cost of wisdom teeth removal and determine the right option for you. We will thoroughly assess your condition and provide you with the best treatment plan once you come in for your initial consultation. Our flexible payment plans will also help ensure that you get the dental care you need without compromise and undue financial strain.


Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out In The Chair

Of course!

Many of our patients get their wisdom teeth taken out in the chair under oral sedation so they’re more relaxed throughout the procedure. Our patients also love the convenience of our location, which makes it easy for them to get home and attend follow-up appointments.

At Purity Dental in Mulgrave, we offer wisdom teeth extraction under local anaesthetic with minimal pain. Our treatments are provided in a comfortable and relaxed environment by highly experienced and friendly dental professionals. Call our friendly team today!



When it comes to wisdom tooth removal, selecting the right dental clinic can make all the difference. While this procedure is not entirely without any risks or side effects, our experienced dentists have the know-how and experience to ensure safe and effective wisdom tooth extraction.

With a patient-centric approach, we are also committed to providing dental care tailored to your specific needs and comfort, regardless of the dental treatment you are undergoing at our clinic. That’s not all. We will be with you even after the removal or treatment, with thorough post-operative care.

Whether you are in need of emergency dental care, teeth whitening treatment, or sleep apnoea treatment, our team at Purity Dental is here to provide dental care of the highest quality.

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