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How Should I Store My Dentures?

Dentures are a great, affordable tooth replacement method that helps you eat, smile and talk with confidence. This investment, however, also requires some maintenance on your end to make sure it lasts for years to come. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to proper storage of your dentures overnight: Why is denture care so important? Your dentures are supposed to last many years with the right care. How you store and clean your dentures play a big role in preventing your dentures from losing shape, drying out or becoming increasingly uncomfortable to wear. … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6-Month Dental Checkups!

Ever been told you need to schedule a checkup with your dentist every 6 months? Feel like since you don’t have that many dental problems and your oral health seems fine, it might be okay to skip this? In fact, there are several reasons as to why these regular checkups are far more important than you know, here are just a few: Oral cancer screening One of the most important reasons for your regular checkups is oral cancer screening. Cancer, of any type, is a deadly disease and most people aren’t aware they have it until they’ve reached advanced stages. … Continue reading

Your Guide to Dentures

Missing all or most of your teeth and considering dentures to restore your smile? This is a great choice; living with missing teeth may cause your facial muscles to droop and your jawbone to gradually deteriorate, leading to various other health concerns. Dentures are one of the most reliable and popular tooth replacement treatments in the field of dentistry. Highly affordable and natural-looking, here’s what you need to know before getting your dentures done! What are dentures made of? These prosthetic teeth are made out of acrylic, custom-designed to imitate your natural smile and oral anatomy. The flesh-colored base is … Continue reading

Considering Overdentures? What You Need to Know

At Purity Dental we offer a range of reliable treatments that help patients restore their missing teeth with the best results. From dental implants to dentures, bridges and more, one popular emerging option is overdentures. Also called, implant-retained dentures, here’s everything you need to know about this treatment: What are overdentures? Overdentures are a combination of two popular tooth replacement methods, dentures and dental implants. With this treatment, a set of removable, prosthetic teeth are secured to your jawbone using dental implants. The use of dental implants helps keep this appliance in place and make it feel far more secure, … Continue reading

Bad Breath After Brushing Your Teeth?

Suffer from bad breath and wondering what you can do about it? This can be quite embarrassing for patients but the good news is that it isn’t incurable! Learning the possible causes behind this condition may just help you figure out how to combat it. Here are 3 of the most common culprits behind bad breath: Dry mouth Dry mouth can be caused by several issues.  For example, did you know that many mouth washes may contain alcohol that dries out the skin inside your mouth, leading to dry mouth in the long term? Dry mouth is also a side … Continue reading

Dental Implant Care After Surgery

Dental implants are one of the most popular methods used to replace missing teeth. Restoring your natural smile to its former glory with sturdy, durable restorations that last a lifetime, dental implants are a great choice. Like any other treatment, however, they come with a set of aftercare instructions that should be followed if you want your recovery to go smoothly. Here are 5 measures you can take to speed up that recovery process: Cleanse your mouth An easy way to cleanse your mouth of any microorganisms is to gently swish or hold saline water in your mouth for a … Continue reading

Don’t Qualify For Dental Implants? What Can You Do Next?

In order to get dental implants, patients need to meet certain criteria. This criterion includes having a certain amount of bone density in your jaw to be able to place the implant, which is dependent on your oral health and/or genetics. However, even if you do have adequate bone mass, concerns such as gum disease or other health conditions will leave you with a compromised immune system and interfere with your ability to get implants. So, if you don’t meet the criteria, what can you do then? Here are the options that you’ll usually be presented with: Resolving interfering issues … Continue reading

When Is The Best Time to Touch Up On Your Whitening?

Recently whitened your teeth and wondering how to make your smile stay bright for the months to come? Knowing when to touch up on your whitening will help maintain the effects for as long as possible. Your touch up is a simple process that just requires you to wear your tray 30 minutes a day, for a couple of days in a row. Here are the best times we recommend touching up on your teeth: After a checkup During your routine checkup, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned by a dental expert, ensuring that any surface stains that have accumulated are … Continue reading

4 Side-Effects Your Crooked Teeth May Cause

A misaligned smile isn’t just an aesthetic concern. Without orthodontic treatment, crooked teeth often lead to many functional and health side-effects. Here are some of the most common side-effects you can expect if a misaligned smile is left untreated for a long period of time: Damaged dental work Your restorative dental work like crowns and fillings are designed to withstand everyday functioning. But they are not capable of withstanding the heavier pressure a misaligned smile places on specific points in your mouth in order to bite or chew. With this irregular placement of pressure and biting patterns, your dental work … Continue reading

Fillings or Crowns: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Have a tooth that’s damaged or suffering from decay? You might be wondering which treatment will give the best results- a simple filling or a more comprehensive dental crown. At Purity Dental we offer both, and a range of other restorative treatments. What our expert dentist will recommend for you will depend on a few factors including: Severity of the damage One of the biggest factors considered when deciding between a crown or filling is the extent of the structural damage. Crowns are designed to cover and protect your entire tooth whereas a filling is used to patch smaller areas … Continue reading