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Woman with teeth straighteners

What is Cosmetic Teeth Straightening?

If you’ve ever wished that you could get braces for a short period of time just to straighten your front teeth, then cosmetic alignment options are a great treatment to consider. Cosmetic teeth straightening is done for aesthetic purposes only, rather than comprehensive procedures that address your entire bite. As such, they’re limited to the teeth in your “smile zone” — that is, the ones people notice when you’re smiling, talking, or laughing. Quicker Results,...

oral cancer screening

Why Everyone Needs an Annual Oral Cancer Screening

Think you’re not at risk for developing oral cancer? Think again. While factors such as tobacco use (smoking or dip tobacco) or alcohol consumption do increase your risk of oral cancer, they’re not the only ones. Healthy people can develop this deadly disease, too. It turns out that other risk factors like sun exposure and certain viruses (like HPV, which is also linked to cervical cancer) can make you more prone...

Woman with TMJ pain

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint, or “TMJ” is one that can cause significant pain and discomfort if a disorder develops inside of where the jaw attaches at each side of the mouth. Symptoms of TMJ disorder can vary, depending on the underlying cause.   Let our dentists at Purity Dental Mulgrave, know if you’re experiencing any of the following:   Popping noises when you open or close your mouth. Grinding, clicking, or popping noises are some of...

Root canal sedation

Do Root Canals Hurt?

If there’s been a rumor that has hurt dental patients the most over the past several years, it’s the one you’ve likely heard about root canals. That is, “root canals hurt” or “having a root canal was the worst experience of my life.”   But are these rumors true? Or is there more to the story and root canals have unnecessarily been linked with a painful trip to the dentist’s office?   Modern Anaesthetic...

man needs to replace tooth

When to Replace a Tooth

If you have a problematic tooth or recently experienced an injury to your mouth, you may be wondering if it’s best to have your tooth extracted and replaced, or if you should try to keep it as long as possible.   While natural tooth preservation is usually the ideal option for our patients at Purity Dental, it’s not always what’s best. Here are a few instances where you may want to discuss...

getting ready for a tooth filling

Your First Filling

Thanks to modern preventative dentistry techniques, our patients and their families have a lower tooth decay risk than generations past. But cavities still happen, and if you’ve just found out that you have tooth decay for the very first time, you may be wondering what it’s like to get a dental filling.    Filling Material Selection Dental fillings are generally made of a tooth coloured composite material. The type of material is important,...

woman with cold sensitivity having ice cream

3 Causes of Cold Sensitivity and How to Prevent It

Cold sensitivity in your teeth is one of the most common issues we see in dentistry.  The symptoms can be temporary, or in some cases, mean something more serious that should be addressed. When you come to Purity Dental for your exam, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation to see what the cause of your cold sensitivity is and how it should be addressed.   Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth and How to Deal...