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Regular dental check-ups are important as they will prevent minor problems from becoming major dental problems that can result in pain, lack of sleep, and disruption of day-to-day activities. At Purity Dental, we advise 6-monthly hygiene check-ups with one of our dentists, as well as regular at-home oral hygiene practices to keep your mouth healthy and clean.

Each check-up is personalised to meet different needs and requirements so we will ensure to discuss your concerns and health goals during consultations. We would also like to know of any medical conditions that may impact your dental care or oral health. For example, diabetes increases the risk of gum disease, and certain medications cause dry mouth, which increases the risk of dental decay and cavities.

Importantly, all information discussed at your visit will be kept confidential.


  • list icon Examination
  • Your dentist will start with a series of photographic records before they check your teeth for any cavities, cracks and unsatisfactory existing restorations. They will check your bite, jaw and muscles of the head and neck.
  • Next, your dentist will assess your gum health by measuring your gum pockets to see if there is any plaque or calculus buildup. They will also check the skin inside your mouth to detect any signs of trouble or any indication of oral cancer.
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  • Over a period of time, it is common for plaque and calculus to build up. This buildup must be removed to prevent dental diseases from occurring. Your dentist will use special instruments to painlessly remove the buildup above the gum. However, during your check up, if gum disease is present, different instruments may be required to clean below the gumline which may/may not require local anaesthetic. Once your teeth are clear from buildup, a fluoride polishing paste is used to polish the teeth.

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Depending on your examination, your dentist will determine whether X-rays are required. An x-ray allows your dentist to see inside the tooth and jaw, and under the gum. X-rays can check for decay between teeth, which unfortunately the eye cannot see, and see whether the roots of your teeth are in good health.


After your check-up, your dentist may require a return visit for any dental work (for example, a filling). Alternatively, if no further dental work is required, your next hygiene maintenance appointment is booked in as a reminder.

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