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Restorative dentistry is all about saving your smile from complications that arise from decay, trauma or abnormal development. This could be issues like misaligned/missing teeth, cavities, stains/discoloration, cracks and much more. Thanks to our advanced technology and highly trained dental professionals, we offer a range of restorative dental treatments, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, fillings etc. Tailored to look and feel like your natural smile, our dentists will assess and discuss your potential treatment options to determine the best fit for you.


Treatments We Offer:

From treatment of a single tooth to full-mouth rehabilitation, we deliver a range of treatment options. Here are a few common restorations we may recommend upon your initial consultation:

  • list iconFillings
    At Purity Dental, we use composite resin restorations, also known as ‘white fillings’. It is the most versatile and effective filling material. Composite fillings replace missing tooth structure whilst replicating natural tooth color. This essentially leaves your tooth functioning and looking as natural as possible. Occasionally, teeth that have significant decay or damage will need restorations made from stronger materials, such as porcelain. This material is much more resilient to wear and tear, and can often provide better protection for the teeth.
  • list iconDental Implants
    A dental implant is essentially a titanium post fused into your jaw bone that acts as the root of your tooth. A prosthetic tooth is then secured on top. This is considered one of the most durable and long-term solutions available. It is also designed to look and function exactly as your normal tooth, if not a bit stronger. A healthy amount of bone should be available to secure the dental implant to the jaw, however. With the help of a dental x-ray, we’ll be able to determine if this is a viable treatment for you.
  • list iconCrowns & Bridges
    If you have a broken tooth, a crown can be placed on top to protect it from further damage. Ceramic or porcelain dental crowns are molded to take on the natural contours and shape of your teeth and are carefully matched to the exact shade of your smile. A bridge is a prosthetic tooth that (as the name suggests) bridges a missing tooth gap while being secured to adjacent teeth.
  • list iconDentures
    Dentures can be used to replace your entire set of teeth or partially missing teeth by typically covering the gums and the roof of your mouth. These can be removable or supported by implants to be a more fixed restoration (also known as overdentures). If there are just a number of missing teeth in need of replacement, partial dentures may also be a viable solution.

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Why Us?

Our goal is to offer you the most comfortable experience and highest quality of dental care at Purity Dental. By offering you personalized treatment solutions, we take into consideration your requirements, lifestyle, financial capabilities and anxiety. Trained in all areas of dentistry, we can provide any form of restorative dentistry for your individual smile. Restorative dentistry plays a key role in repairing teeth. Further decay or infection is prevented while we strive to protect as much of your natural teeth in the process. Smiling with confidence has never been easier. Call Purity Dental at 9540 8900 for your initial consultation. Our dental professionals will thoroughly assess your oral health and work with you to identify the best restorative treatments for your needs.

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