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Wisdom Tooth Removal Costs in 2024


Did your dentist recommend you to get your wisdom tooth removed after a thorough consultation? 

While you may be relieved about the prospect of not dealing with wisdom tooth pain anymore, you may be worried about how much this procedure will cost. 

At Purity Dental, we understand that the cost of wisdom tooth removal can be a concern for our patients which is why we are committed to providing quality and affordable wisdom tooth removal services along with transparent pricing. This way, we make sure everyone has access to a pain-free and beautiful smile they can enjoy. 

What are Wisdom Teeth? 

Commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, they are the third molars in your mouth and the last set of teeth to erupt. They are called ‘wisdom’ teeth because they tend to erupt at a time typically associated with increased maturity or wisdom – your late teens and early twenties. 

While there are 4 wisdom teeth, not everyone will get all 4. Some may get just one, while others may get none at all. 

In most cases, these wisdom teeth can cause trouble when they erupt because there isn’t enough space in your jawbone for them to properly emerge. It can lead to a condition called ‘impaction’, where the wisdom teeth could partially  erupt from the gums or push against surrounding teeth.  

When this happens, you may find yourself in severe dental pain  with signs of swelling, tenderness, jaw pain and difficulty eating.

Why Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed?

When you notice the signs of an impacted wisdom tooth, it’s important to seek dental attention immediately. Left untreated, it can lead to other dental problems, such as infections and gum disease, in addition to leaving you in pain. 

Here are some of the most common reasons for having your impacted wisdom tooth removed: 

  • Tooth Decay: Bacteria and food particles can accumulate around your impacted wisdom tooth, especially since reaching your wisdom tooth with your toothbrush can be challenging. This creates the perfect spot for bacteria buildup, which can lead to the decay of your wisdom tooth or the tooth beside it. 
  • Gum Disease: In the instance that your wisdom tooth erupts partially through your gums, food particles and bacteria can accumulate beneath the gum line, resulting in gum infection. 
  • Cysts and Tumours: When you have an impacted wisdom tooth, a cyst (fluid-filled sac) can form on the surrounding tissue, leading to bone loss, shifting of teeth and tooth decay. Only wisdom tooth extraction and removal of these cysts will prevent further bone loss and the risk of tumours developing in these cysts.
  • Dental Crowding: An impacted wisdom tooth can push against other teeth and lead to dental crowding, where you have overlapping or misaligned teeth. 

For these reasons, we recommend removing your wisdom tooth before it becomes a severe problem. 

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal in Mulgrave 

The cost of wisdom tooth removal usually varies between $300-$500 per tooth. As with other dental procedures, the cost of this procedure too varies based on additional factors. 

Factors that affect the wisdom tooth removal cost include:

Number of Wisdom Teeth 

The final cost for this procedure depends on the number of wisdom teeth that need to be removed. If you have all four wisdom teeth with all needing extraction, it will cost more compared to someone else who has fewer. 

The Location/Position of the Wisdom Tooth 

The position of your wisdom tooth determines the complexity of the procedure. Wisdom teeth that have fully erupted are easier to extract than those that have emerged partially or buried beneath the gum and bone. 

The more straightforward the extraction, the less expenses you will have to incur. 

Choice of Sedation/Anaesthesia 

The wisdom tooth removal procedure is typically carried out under general anaesthesia or sedation to ensure a pain-free and comfortable experience for you. 

At Purity Dental, we offer sedation options from general anaesthesia to laughing gas, oral sedation and IV sedation. The choice of sedation or anaesthesia, which depends on factors such as the complexity of the procedure, patient anxiety and medical history can also influence the cost. 

Oral Health History  

If you have any existing oral health conditions like gum disease, you may require additional care or treatments, which can add to the overall cost of wisdom tooth extraction. 

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care 

Before carrying out your wisdom tooth extraction, we may carry out diagnostic procedures like X-rays and CT scans to assess the position of your wisdom tooth and ensure precise planning, which can add to the final cost. 

At the same time, postoperative follow-up appointments which allow us to address any complications and ensure proper healing can also add to the cost. 

Apart from the above, other factors such as your geographical location and dentist’s level of experience can affect the cost of your wisdom tooth removal procedure. Furthermore, you may also have to incur additional costs if you need antibiotics or pain medication post-extraction to prevent infection or manage pain.

To get a better and more comprehensive understanding of the cost of wisdom tooth removal, we recommend you come in for a complimentary consultation, where we will discuss about the procedure in detail. 

We want to help you get the dental care you need without worrying about the cost and undue financial burden. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans, allowing you a convenient and easy way to budget and pay for your dental care. We have also partnered up with the National Dental Plan to provide payment plans with zero interest

Want to learn more about wisdom tooth removal and the costs involved? Call our friendly team or schedule an appointment online – our team will be there to answer all your questions.