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Want to improve your smile?

Insecure about your smile and looking at ways you can improve it? There are many dental treatments that can be used to correct issues in your smile that keep you from smiling with confidence. From complete smile makeovers to simpler and quicker alternatives like teeth whitening and veneers, we can give you a solution that is tailored to your exact smile.


Teeth whitening

It’s quite normal for teeth to pick up stains over time, despite regular brushing, and slowly become discoloured or yellow. Professional teeth whitening coupled with a professional dentist clean is the easiest way to tackle this and restore your smile to its former whiteness. We recommend visiting your dentist for whitening services in order to ensure it’s safely performed with the most effective results. Learn more about our teeth whitening services, how it’s carried out and if it’s the right treatment for you.

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Dental veneers

Do your teeth have any minor issues (like small chips, gaps, slight misalignment or even discolouration) that you’re looking to cover up? Dental veneers are the perfect long-term solution that you’re looking for. These thin but extremely durable, tooth-coloured shells are attached to the surface of your teeth to mask these small flaws and create that perfect smile. Learn more about our dental veneers and see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Need help with improving your smile?


Dental crowns

Have damaged teeth and issues with the appearance of your smile that you’re looking to fix? Give your smile extra protection and restore its appearance with dental crowns. Quite similarly to how a helmet works, a dental crown is a covering for your natural tooth. This can be used to protect your natural teeth from wearing down, chipping or cracking as time passes by as well as cover any issues like discoloration or teeth in poor shape. Dental crowns are also used in combination with dental implants when restoring missing teeth.

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Gum lift

Feel like your smile is too “gummy” or like you have an uneven gumline that unusually frames your teeth? A gum lift would be the best solution for you. A gum lift is a painless and minimally invasive procedure that uses advanced laser technology at the hands of our dental professionals to shape and contour your gum line so that it frames your teeth better. Our gum lift treatment can be used in combination with other treatments as well to give you a more comprehensive smile makeover.

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Smile makeover

Give your smile a full makeover with a range of dental solutions that tackle various issues. Each smile is different so we take an individual approach and assess your particular case to determine what procedures would help you achieve your goals best. Our experienced dental practitioners will assess your smile and come up with a treatment plan, that could include the the above solutions and possibly other treatments such as fillings, orthodontic treatments, dental implants etc to create an overall smile makeover. Click below for more details on our smile makeover treatments.

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