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4 After-Care Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Once you have your wisdom teeth removed, you’ll have to take great care of the surgical site so you don’t experience any unwanted issues, like a “dry socket” or infection, for example. A dry socket is extremely painful and leaves your jaw bone exposed, which makes even breathing a painful effort. Hence, at Purity Dental we provide you with the best after-care possible. Here are some instructions to follow to make sure any issue is avoided.

Step 1

We’ll have the surgical site covered with gauze. Before you leave our dental office you’ll be instructed on how to safely remove this gauze if the site continues to bleed. It’s important that you wet the gauze before putting it in back in place to it avoid sticking to the clot underneath in the event you have to remove the gauze without causing any damage later.

Step 2

We advise waiting 24 hours before rinsing your mouth out. After which, you can use the antibacterial mouthwash or a mix of salt and warm water to gently swish around in your mouth. Do not gargle vigorously as this might aggravate the site. Wash your mouth out gently a couple of times a day for the next few weeks.

Step 3

Stick to water as your choice of beverage and make sure to avoid using straws or anything that involves suction as this might also aggravate your healing site. It’s advised to avoid fizzy and alcoholic drinks during this healing period.

Step 4

While you do not have to get on a liquid diet, it’s best to stick to soft foods that do not require a lot of effort to chew. For example, mashed potatoes and soft bread!

Step 5

Take the required medications as instructed by your dentist

If you have any doubts, our clinic is always open to clarify them! Our expert dentists can provide you with top-notch wisdom tooth extraction services. All you have to do next is let the healing begin!