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Denticare and National Dental Payment Plans are now available at Purity Dental!

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At Purity Dental, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality dental care tailored to your needs. From restoring dental health to cosmetic enhancements or routine maintenance, our services are equipped with the latest technological advances. Our team is dedicated to providing a comfortable experience for every patient at every visit.

Our clinic offers adjustable payment methods, making comprehensive dental care accessible to both individuals and families. In our soothing setting, you will receive attentive care from our experienced dental professionals committed to exceeding your dental expectations and ensuring your continued oral health. Patients can be certain that their comfort and complete satisfaction are our foremost priorities throughout their dental experience. We continuously update our practices to provide the most advanced care available.

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    At Purity Dental, we excel in providing tailored general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for families. Each treatment is uniquely adapted to the diverse needs of individuals from all age groups, fostering improved oral health and brighter smiles in an inviting and compassionate setting that prioritises patient comfort and well-being.


    Find out how we can help you with your dental needs.

    sleep dentistry - clarinda

    Sleep Dentistry

    Feel anxious about dental procedures? Our sleep dentistry option provides a serene, entirely stress-free experience for all types of dental work, ensuring total comfort during your treatment.

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    Dental pain - Clarinda

    Dental pain

    Experiencing frequent or occasional dental discomfort? Our skilled dentists excel in providing prompt relief and thorough diagnostics to effectively halt the progression of oral health issues and ensure your comfort.

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    Straighter Teeth - Clarinda

    Straighter Teeth

    Bothered by uneven teeth affecting your self-image? We utilise advanced orthodontic strategies to realign your teeth, substantially improving your oral health and self-confidence with each procedure.

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    Improve your smile - Clarinda

    Improve your smile

    Unhappy with your current smile's appearance? Our tailored smile makeover programs are designed to profoundly transform your look and boost your self-esteem, leaving you feeling beautiful and confident.

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    Missing Teeth - Clarinda

    Missing Teeth

    Confronted with the challenge of missing teeth? We provide robust and aesthetically appealing restorative options that fully reinstate the functionality and appearance of your smile, significantly enhancing your lifestyle.

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    Broken Teeth - Clarinda

    Broken Teeth

    Dealing with the impact of damaged teeth? Our comprehensive dental solutions meticulously repair and restore your smile, bringing back full functionality and aesthetic beauty, enabling you to enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile.

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    Some of the wide range of treatments we offer.


    hot coffee


    Discover our quiet, private consultation rooms equipped with free tea, coffee, and water, designed to make your dental appointments as relaxing as possible.


    Our clinic provides a range of payment methods and offers assistance with superannuation withdrawal to help you affordably manage your dental healthcare.
    first visit


    During your first visit to Purity Dental, enjoy a detailed 60-minute assessment to evaluate your dental health and tailor a specific treatment plan.

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    At Purity Dental, we focus on delivering bespoke dental care by thoroughly understanding the distinct needs of each patient. Our commitment to ongoing education ensures the provision of the most current and effective dental solutions.


    Purity Dental is perfectly located on Police Road in Mulgrave, directly across from the Woolworths Caltex Petrol Station, offering straightforward access and ample parking. We are delighted to invite you into our caring dental community.


    Our staff at Purity Dental provides a comforting environment, ensuring your relaxation while meticulously advancing towards your dental health targets.

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    Regular dental check-ups are crucial to maintain optimal dental health. They allow our dental team to detect and treat issues early, ensuring your dental care journey involves less complex and costly treatments. These appointments are vital for sustaining good oral health and addressing concerns such as cavities or wisdom teeth before they become severe.

    Our dental practice operates at these times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM; Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM to 7 PM; Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM; we are closed on Sunday. We also aim to serve patients from nearby areas, including Clarinda. Dentist appointments can be easily scheduled during these hours to best serve the needs of our local community.

    If you encounter a dental emergency, contact us immediately. Our dedicated dental team is prepared to address urgent dental concerns such as pain, swelling, damaged dental work, loose teeth, or a knocked-out tooth with promptness and compassion. Delaying treatment can lead to severe complications, so it is critical to seek professional help from our clinic right away to mitigate any worsening of the condition. We strive to provide immediate relief and comprehensive care to safeguard your dental health.

    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.