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Denticare and National Dental Payment Plans are now available at Purity Dental!

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At Purity Dental, we deliver expert care that revitalises smiles with confidence. Whether it's repairing damage, enhancing your smile, or maintaining excellent oral health, our high-quality services incorporate the latest technology. Our dedicated team focuses on your comfort and satisfaction throughout your dental experience.

At our practice, we provide flexible payment options to make sure both individuals and families can affordably improve their smiles and access our comprehensive dental services. You’ll be looked after in a calm environment by our seasoned dental professionals dedicated to exceeding your dental expectations, ensuring the health and happiness of your smile always. Rest easy knowing we always put your comfort and satisfaction first during your dental journey.

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    At Purity Dental, we excel in providing families with extensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. Our treatments are customised for individuals of all ages to improve oral health and smile in a nurturing environment that emphasises patient comfort and well-being. Our approach ensures every visit aligns with personal health goals.


    Find out how we can help you with your dental needs.

    Sleep Dentistry - Noble Park

    Sleep Dentistry

    Feel anxious about dental procedures? Our sleep dentistry services guarantee a peaceful, comfortable session, perfect for easing nerves and ensuring a tranquil experience for any dental work.

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    Dental pain - Noble Park

    Dental pain

    Are you combatting frequent or occasional dental pain? Our experienced dental team delivers prompt relief and thorough diagnostics to halt progression and manage your oral health effectively.

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    Straighter Teeth - Noble Park

    Straighter Teeth

    Troubled by misaligned or crooked teeth? Our corrective treatments aim to straighten your teeth, boosting both your dental health and confidence, allowing you to smile with pride.

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    Improve your smile - Noble Park

    Improve your smile

    Are you concerned about the aesthetics of your smile? Our extensive smile makeovers enhance both your appearance and self-confidence, expertly crafting the smile you've always wanted.

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    Missing Teeth - Noble Park

    Missing Teeth

    Dealing with the impact of missing teeth on your daily life? We provide robust solutions that restore and enhance your smile's appearance and functionality, greatly improving your lifestyle.

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    Broken Teeth - Noble Park

    Broken Teeth

    Facing issues with broken or chipped teeth? Our comprehensive dental treatments not only restore your teeth's function and look but also restore your ability to communicate and eat comfortably.

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    Some of the wide range of treatments we offer.


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    Our practice features a serene, private consultation room with complimentary tea, coffee, and water to enhance your comfort during each visit.


    At our dental clinic, we provide flexible payment plans and assistance with early superannuation access to ease your financial concerns.
    first visit


    At Purity Dental, your first 60-minute visit involves a detailed assessment to identify your dental needs and customise our approach to your care.

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    At Purity Dental, understanding each patient's individual needs is our top priority to ensure truly personalised care. We continuously update our skills and knowledge to deliver cutting-edge treatments tailored to your specific dental requirements.


    Purity Dental is conveniently located on Police Road in Mulgrave, opposite the Woolworths Caltex Petrol Station, providing easy access and ample parking both on-site and nearby. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you.


    At Purity Dental, we create a caring atmosphere, prioritising your comfort and assisting you in reaching your dental goals.

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    Our clinic accepts all private health insurance funds. It's important to consider the cost of premiums versus the benefits, as unused annual benefits do not carry over. For more details, especially regarding waiting periods for major dental services, please reach out to us at 9540 8900.

    If you experience dental emergencies such as pain, swelling, loose or broken teeth, or damaged dental work, contact our clinic immediately. Our dental assistants are trained to provide the highest quality, compassionate care using digital X-rays and techniques to ensure you receive the optimal treatment promptly for a healthy mouth.

    Bad breath is commonly caused by bacteria that build up on the teeth and gums, often due to poor dental hygiene. Other contributing factors can include dry mouth, certain foods, smoking, and medical conditions affecting the digestive system or respiratory tract. At our clinic, our team, with extensive experience, is prepared to attend to all your dental needs, including comprehensive solutions for managing and preventing bad breath through personalised oral care plans.

    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.