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Over time, it is normal for teeth to become stained or discoloured from the aging process or from consuming certain foods and drinks. Teeth whitening is one of the most simple and popular cosmetic dental procedures to restore the appearance of affected teeth, enhancing your confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the reasons people whiten their teeth:

  • list icon Confidence boost
  • list icon Cosmetic enhancement for their smile
  • list icon To eliminate stains from drinking and eating
  • list icon Weddings or special events
  • list icon Smile makeover



There are two main ways to whiten your teeth; you can receive a professional treatment by a dentist, or do it at home with custom trays and a whitening kit.

  • list icon In-Chair Whitening
    In-chair whitening is done in the dental practice and takes roughly 60–90 minutes. While this method gives you instant results, it can have a risk of temporary sensitivity. This option is great for those who need immediate results and do not have the time to complete the process at home.
  • list icon Take-Home Whitening
    Take-home whitening kits are completed in the comfort of your own home, in your own time. A custom whitening tray is made to fit your teeth and the whitening solution provided by our clinic. The initial application is every day for 15–30 minutes, over a two-week period.

Prior to commencing whitening treatment, we will thoroughly assess your teeth and gums to make sure it’s safe to go ahead with the procedure as want to avoid teeth whitening agents going into any existing cavities in the teeth, which can cause discomfort or pain.

We also recommend a professional cleaning to remove any plaque, debris, and stains on your teeth if it hasn’t already been done recently. This is to help you get the most out of your whitening.

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Am I a suitable candidate for teeth whitening?

The best way to determine if teeth whitening is for you is to have a thorough dental examination to determine the cause of discolouration and also highlight any problem areas that whitening can exacerbate or make worse. After all, there may be an underlying dental problem that needs treatment rather than teeth whitening.

Your dentist will also advise you of the best method and whitening product suited to you. You will be an ideal candidate for teeth whitening if you:

  • list iconHave healthy gums and teeth
  • list iconHave stained or dull teeth
  • list iconDon’t experience hypersensitivity in your teeth
  • list iconDon’t have dental restorations




The duration of your whitening results is closely tied to your oral hygiene routine. By maintaining excellent at-home oral hygiene habits and scheduling regular professional cleanings, the results from your teeth whitening treatment will last longer!
Factors like your diet, age, smoking habits and certain medications can gradually affect the shade of your teeth. However, the good news is that you can easily maintain your bright smile with occasional whitening touch-ups at our clinic.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are several benefits to getting your teeth professionally whitened:

    • list icon Effectively removes stains from coloured foods and beverages in just 1 visit
    • list icon Non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require altering the structure of your teeth
    • list icon Can be customised to achieve the level of whiteness you desire
    • list icon With proper oral care and maintenance, teeth whitening can last for a long time
    • list iconProfessional teeth whitening treatments are safe and reliable
    • list iconOur dentists can diagnose the cause of discolouration and treat the underlying cause


    The effectiveness of teeth whitening may vary from person to person making it vital to consult with our dentists to determine the most suitable whitening method for your unique condition to ensure safe and optimal results.

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Depending on the method you choose and the severity of the discolouration, the cost of teeth whitening can vary. For a precise cost estimate, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our dental professionals. During this visit, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs and provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved.

To make high-quality dental care accessible, we also provide flexible payment options. Feel free to reach out to our friendly dental team for further details.



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