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Why You Should Consider Overdentures

Having missing teeth can give you quite a few oral health issues as time passes if you don’t replace them ASAP! When multiple teeth are missing, we have a range of treatments you can choose from, including implant-supported overdentures! Overdentures are artificial teeth held in the mouth by 2 implants at the front of the lower jaw. They offer many benefits to their users including:

Secured in place

As we mentioned, overdentures are kept in place using dental implants, which means they address the one complaint most people have with dentures- they keep slipping! By using implant-supported overdentures, your teeth are kept securely in place and won’t move around in your mouth.

Stimulate the jawbone

One of the main reasons we suggest replacing a tooth ASAP is to avoid deterioration of jawbone in that area. Once your bone shrinks, this will give your face a sunken look and getting dental implants will be a more complex procedure. Since overdentures are secured using implants that are surgically inserted, the jawbone remains stimulated.

More comfortable

Since secured in place, this means overdentures are the more comfortable choice. If you opt for high quality overdentures, your daily activities like talking and chewing are far easier and less gum irritation is also guaranteed!

Better digestion

How do your overdentures affect digestion? With the process of eating becoming much easier than before, this allows users to break down their food better by chewing more thoroughly.  Properly chewed food makes for far better digestion.

No need for denture adhesives

Regular dentures usually require an adhesive to keep the artificial teeth in place. However, this can get messy at times and might not work as expected. Since your overdentures are secured in place with implants, you no longer need to worry about adhesives.

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