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Teeth Straightening Benefits for Adults

Thinking that you’re “too old” for teeth straightening? Our dentist at Purity Dental Mulgrave might surprise you. At Purity Dental, we have many adult orthodontic patients!

It’s never too late to invest in yourself and improve your smile. Teeth straightening isn’t just for teenagers, it can be a game changer for grown-ups too. Let’s explore the benefits of getting that straight, confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Being Confident About How Your Teeth Look

Having a straight smile changes what you see when they look in the mirror or how you speak or smile for photos. When you feel confident about the appearance of your teeth, you’re most likely going to feel more confident about yourself. And we all know that a great smile is one of the best first impressions a person could ever make!

If crooked teeth is what’s interfering with your confidence, then teeth straightening could help you!

Lower Chance of Gum Disease and Cavities

Crooked teeth are usually far more likely to develop tooth decay or active periodontitis/gum disease. It simply has to do with the way they’re positioned and their increased chances of accumulating bacteria throughout the day. Plus, rotated or shifted teeth are more challenging to clean around. So even if you’re brushing and flossing each day, there might be plaque that’s getting left behind.

Fewer Cases of Headaches or TMJ Disorder

When your teeth occlude (bite) together properly, the pressure is evenly distributed across your entire mouth. That means less pressure on your jaw joint (TMJ) to function efficiently, without having to make special accommodations to chew or bite into your food. When it works like it’s supposed to, the muscles around it can perform efficiently rather than become overused.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

A straight and beautiful smile can work wonders for your self-esteem. Whether you’re in a meeting at work, at an event or just taking a selfie for your Instagram, that new found confidence will shine through. 

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Straighter teeth can also significantly improve your oral health. When your teeth are properly aligned, it’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Less crowded areas mean a lesser chance of food particles getting stuck.

Improved Speech

Having crooked teeth can affect your speech. Correcting misalignments can lead to clearer and more precise pronunciation, which can be especially valuable in both personal and professional settings.

It’s Never Too Late

It’s time to talk to a Purity Dental dentists to find out how we can help you have a straighter looking smile. With modern options, techniques, technologies and tailored plans, why wait? Contact our office in Mulgrave today to set up a no-hassle consultation!