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How to Treat a Cracked Tooth

Do you suspect you have a crack in your tooth? A visit to Purity Dental will quickly clarify this. However, next comes the question of how to treat it. Our expert dentists will diagnose the particular severity and location of your crack to determine which of the following treatments would be most beneficial to you!


Surface cracks that don’t pose any dental issues or structural damage are usually fixed purely for aesthetic purposes. These may become noticeable if they pick up stains as time passes by as well. For small cracks such as these that do not pose any threat to your dental health, we may have the chipped enamel bonded or filled over in a simple process.

Dental Crowns

More moderate cracks in your tooth can’t simply be filled over as they need more structural support. This is where we offer getting a crown to protect the tooth from cracking further from everyday use such as biting and chewing.

Root Canal Treatment

When a deep crack in your tooth extends entirely into the nerve chamber, this allows bacteria to enter and an abscess to form. By covering the tooth with a filling or crown, this seals the infection in, which will in turn deepen the crack over time. Root canal treatment will help hold your tooth together without creating an abscess that will be quite painful to treat.


If you have a severe crack extending through the root of your tooth this will cause you extreme pain every time you bite due to the imbalance of pressure. In cases such as this, where the tooth is essentially split in two, the best treatment we can recommend is having the entire tooth extracted in order to avoid further damage to the surrounding tissues. After which, we can recommend an implant or bridge to fill in this gap.

If you have any pain while biting and suspect you may be having a cracked tooth, schedule an appointment with Purity Dental today for a checkup!