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How Safe is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives, in various forms, to calm a patient’s nerves before a dental procedure. This has steadily become the most popular method to perform easier, faster and more comfortable treatments. We know some patients still have reservations, however. Just how safe is sedation dentistry? Allow us to break it down!

Levels of sedation

There are different levels of sedation used depending on the age, medical history and personal preference of each patient in order for this to be a safe procedure for all. Mild sedation is usually administered orally, allowing patients to be relaxed and possibly drowsy in the dental chair. Laughing gas is a moderate form of sedation and deep sedation usually involves the use of intravenous injection.

Physical and health conditions

For certain individuals, sedation dentistry should be carefully considered. For the most part, this is applicable for individuals with particular physical and health conditions. For temporary health conditions, we advise waiting until well again to continue with sedation dentistry. Great care is also taken for more chronic conditions such as respiratory illnesses.

The children and the elderly

Sedation dentistry is certainly safely used by children and the elderly too. This is carried out with certain precautions, however. For example, patients will be tested for allergies, assessed for any reactions to current medications or evaluated for possible dental conditions.

When opting for sedation dentistry, bear in mind that our dentist will thoroughly discuss your eligibility and options with you. This will be a safe dental experience when carried out by dental professionals. At Purity Dental we offer expert sedation dentistry to maximize your comfort at the dentist. Reach us at (03) 9540 8900 for more information on the methods of administration.