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Fluoride Treatments: What Do They Offer?

From your previous scale and cleans, you might have noticed your appointment ends with fluoride being applied along your teeth. Fluoride treatment has a number of advantages including the following:

Fights tooth sensitivity

Have you noticed your teeth getting increasingly sensitive to certain beverages and foods? You could perhaps notice this when there’s a fluctuation in temperature, drinking your coffee, using toothpaste etc. This increased sensitivity isn’t always an indication of a severe dental issue. It could be a warning sign that your gums are starting to recede. By applying fluoride, it acts as a desensitizing treatment for the next 3 to 4 months, minimizing the discomfort you feel.

Strengthens enamel

While not possible to heal a cavity, fluoride treatments help catch them in their earliest stages and strengthen the enamel to avoid a hole from physically developing on your teeth. Cavities usually form on demineralized surfaces so our dentists will check for such surfaces along your gums or around your orthodontic appliances during your checkup. Using fluoride on demineralized surfaces and making adjustments to your oral hygiene routine will help.

Reduces risk of cavities

This especially applies to individuals with older fillings and those who experience cavities frequently! Having fluoride treatment professionally applied every 6 months will drastically help reduce your risk of developing new cavities.

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