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Dental Implants Feel Loose? Here’s Why!

When getting your dental implants you were most likely told this was a permanent restoration that wouldn’t come out. So why does it feel loose? While you should definitely schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible if you have this problem, here are our top three reasons as to why you may experience this:

1. Loose abutment

On the top of your implant is a hollow area, to which an attachment known as an abutment is screwed on to. This abutment will protrude from your gum, allowing the crown to be cemented securely on top of it. It’s possible for this abutment to unthread from the dental implant, making it loose. Since this issue doesn’t affect the actual implant, it’s a simple problem to address.

2. A loose crown

The crown is attached to the abutment with cement. If the seal is broken, this can cause the crown to become unglued. This is a simple matter that can be resolved in a single appointment by applying more cement to secure the crown in place.

3. Gum disease

Gum disease, or more aptly known as peri-implantitis around dental implants, is a common and grave issue patients face. This infection is capable of eating away at your jawbone. With excessive bone deterioration occuring, it’s possible for there to be very little holding your implant in place, so it eventually falls out. Gum disease also affects your natural teeth in a similar manner, causing them to fall out in severe cases.

If your dental implants feel loose, leave no time to waste! Contact our dental professionals at Purity Dental at (03) 9540 8900 for a thorough evaluation of your restoration. We’ll determine the cause of this problem and give you the best dental treatment available for your individual smile.