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Dental Implant Care After Surgery

Dental implants are one of the most popular methods used to replace missing teeth. Restoring your natural smile to its former glory with sturdy, durable restorations that last a lifetime, dental implants are a great choice. Like any other treatment, however, they come with a set of aftercare instructions that should be followed if you want your recovery to go smoothly. Here are 5 measures you can take to speed up that recovery process:

1. Cleanse your mouth

An easy way to cleanse your mouth of any microorganisms is to gently swish or hold saline water in your mouth for a few seconds. Avoid violently swishing the water around in your mouth as this can be quite painful and cause damage to the surgical site. Saline water is generally used to treat wounds so this will complement your oral hygiene efforts.

2. Avoid hot foods & drinks

After any dental treatment, your gums usually require a certain amount of time to heal.During this time of increased sensitivity, hot drinks and foods in particular can cause irritation and place stress on the healing tissues. As a general habit, drink more cold water during this time to give your mouth some pain relief and to encourage healing.

3. Pay attention to bodily reactions

It’s natural for your body to have a reaction to your treatment while healing. For example, patients can generally expect slight swelling post-implant surgery, to which we would recommend applying an ice pack to the affected area. Certain pain relievers may also be recommended should you experience discomfort. But if your body shows different reactions to what your dentist predicted, schedule an appointment ASAP.

4. Avoid brushing aggressively

While regular brushing each day is still necessary for your oral health, we recommend waiting a few days before brushing near your dental implant surgical site since it will be sensitive during these first couple of days. Switch to using a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure you brush gently and carefully to avoid any damage.

5. Gradually eat solid meals

It may be difficult for you to chew solid foods in the initial days following your surgery. Once you find that you can use and move your jaws normally, you can gradually start incorporating solid meals into your diet. Start with soft boiled foods that are easier to break down without much chewing.

At Purity Dental, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to ensure your dental implant recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Our dental team is always one call away for any questions or clarifications you need. Reach us at (03) 9540 8900 for more information!