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Is Your Mouth Showing Signs of Sleeping Disorders?

Did you know our dentists at Purity Dental can screen you for a sleeping disorder simply by assessing the inside of your mouth? There are many dental symptoms and signs that are visible depending on the type of sleeping disorder you have. Here are some of the symptoms we’ll be able to pick up on during your evaluation:

Worn Teeth

It’s a bodily reflex for your jaw and teeth to tighten and clench as a response to your brain not getting enough oxygen. With time, this can lead to excessive wear and tear of your teeth or even cracks! Physically, your teeth will begin to look flat and have sharper edges since the enamel is beginning to wear away. If you had dental work done, this may suffer damages too.

Airway restriction

There are usually indications of airway restriction at the back of your mouth we can look out for. For example, enlarged tonsils, a small opening at the back of the throat or a large tongue are common signs. Sinus issues may also be factor in here.

Position of jaw

If you have a small jaw or a jaw that is positioned even in a slightly retracted angle, this can encourage the soft tissues at the back of your mouth to seal each other off. This is why our dentists recommend the use of orthodontic appliances that help guide your jaw forward.

Large neck circumference

This is something that you can usually measure at home, and can help tick off the boxes when suspecting a sleeping disorder. One of the most common risk factors of sleep apnoea is a large neck circumference. This can lead to tissues interfering with your airway and hence, reduces your oxygen flow.

Have you been told you snore? Or you tend to wake up with headaches? You might be suffering from a sleeping disorder and our dentist can recommend you to a physician if needed. Contact Purity Dental for an appointment today!