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Bad Breath After Brushing Your Teeth?

Suffer from bad breath and wondering what you can do about it? This can be quite embarrassing for patients but the good news is that it isn’t incurable! Learning the possible causes behind this condition may just help you figure out how to combat it. Here are 3 of the most common culprits behind bad breath:

1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by several issues.  For example, did you know that many mouth washes may contain alcohol that dries out the skin inside your mouth, leading to dry mouth in the long term? Dry mouth is also a side effect of many medications. Dry mouth allows unhealthy bacteria to flourish, giving way to that persistent odour you find yourself stuck with. Try sipping on water as much as possible throughout the day but visit our dentist for more possible treatment options.

2. Gum disease

Bad breath caused by gum disease can only be treated by removal of the infection. Gum disease causes pockets of infection spreading deep under your gumlines that can only be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. Cleaning out this infection and any surrounding necrotic tissues will significantly help reduce that foul smell.

3. Improper oral hygiene

Did you know that your tongue holds up to 90% of bacteria responsible for bad breath? Yet many people tend to neglect cleaning their tongue when brushing their teeth! Each time you’re not cleaning your tongue when you brush your teeth, you’re allowing these bacteria to breed more, so don’t forget to brush your tongue from front to back next time!

Worried about bad breath and don’t know what to do about it? Schedule an appointment with Purity Dental and we’ll help you figure out the underlying cause for your issue and give you some tips on how to combat it!