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4 Ways Cosmetic Veneers Increase Your Confidence

Have you been considering cosmetic dental treatments as of late to improve your smile? If you’re just venturing into the field, there might be many overwhelming options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive treatment, finalized over the span of a few steps, we recommend giving Purity Dental cosmetic veneers a serious thought. Here are some ways they might benefit you best!

Accentuates healthy teeth

The ideal candidates for cosmetic veneers would be individuals who possess a healthy set of teeth with small aesthetic flaws. Made out of a thin layer of porcelain, veneers can be a great cosmetic makeover.

“Instant Braces”

Cosmetic veneers have even been called instant braces! While braces should be worn for major tooth misalignment issues, why go through this process for minor orthodontic issues? You can use cosmetic veneers as an alternative to mask these tiny flaws- and the whole process will have your teeth looking straight in just a few appointments!

Improves Tooth Shape

Want to even out your teeth? Cosmetic veneers are the best way to do this! Each veneer is designed to create a more uniform shape and size of the tooth it will be masking. As a result, any misshapen or short teeth will be concealed.

Whitened Teeth

While your natural enamel tends to darken over time and needs to go undergo professional whitening, your veneers maintain their shade throughout giving you teeth that stay white! While small stains may accumulate over time, this can easily be rectified through your routine dental cleaning and maintenance.

Schedule an appointment with Purity Dental to find out how to give your smile the best possible makeover! With the right care and maintenance, our cosmetic veneers will leave you happy with your smile for years to come!