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4 Types of Mouthguards and When to Wear Them!

There are several mouthguards on the market that can help protect your smile in different ways. The size, design and shape of these mouthguards depend on their purpose. Here are some mouthguards we might recommend at Purity Dental based on your individual needs.

Sports Guard

It’s a known fact that adults and kids more active in sports are far more at risk of chipped and knocked out teeth. This is why wearing a sports guard is essential to minimise any dental emergencies. It also helps reduce the risk of concussions.

Snore Guard

Some patients suffer from sleeping disorders that can result in many restless nights and fatigue during the day. Wearing a special night guard can drastically help improve your breathing and you might even see results on your very first night.

Bite Splint

If you suffer from Bruxism (chronic grinding/clenching) during the day a special guard can be made for this. This can be very effective in relaxing your facial muscles in order toreduce exhaustive wear and tear.


People who suffer from chronic clenching/grinding during the night are likely to need a thicker mouthguard. By fitting this over your upper/lower arch, the mouthguard acts a buffer and can reduce facial pains and tooth wear.

To create a custom mouthguard all we need is an impression of your teeth! This is guaranteed to be far more effective than any appliance you buy over the counter as it us custom made for you. Call Purity Dental today for more information!