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4 Types of Implant Restorations

Did you know when you’re replacing your teeth with dental implants, there are several options to choose from? With this variety of implant restorations available, you can better support multi-tooth restorations without compromising on the strength of your bite one bit! Here are some of the most common implants available that you may want to consider:

Single crowns

If you have a single tooth in need of replacement, this is ideal for an individual implant and single, ceramic crown. Designed to imitate both the look and function of your natural tooth, a single crown is quite easy to care of.

Dental bridges

When you have missing teeth, it’s recommended to fix the issue fast as the bone in that area can shrink and weaken over time. Avoid wearing an uncomfortable removable partial denture and instead opt for a dental bridge, which can support a 3-4 tooth wide space in your mouth.


Overdentures are a great option for those who need replacement of the entire arch. Usually used for your bottom teeth, this works by attaching the removable prosthetic denture to the implants below, allowing it to stay snugly in one place. While ordinary dentures don’t prevent facial bone loss, the implants used for this method will help stop facial-contour deterioration.

Retained Hybrid Dentures

For a more stable alternative that caters to your whole mouth, a retained hybrid denture is a fixed full-arch restorative option. Stability and function are maximized by securing this denture to 4 or more dental implants

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