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4 Great Alternatives to Conventional Dentures

Dentures have long since been a reliable treatment for missing teeth. They aren’t the only way to restore your smile, however. Some patients find conventional dentures cumbersome to wear and keep in place. If you feel the same, here are 4 great alternatives to check out!

1. Dental Implants

Dental implants involve placing a titanium post, imitating the root of a tooth, to which a crown (an artificial tooth) is placed on top. Comfortably secured in place, dental implants are one of the most popular solutions for replacing teeth, with a success rate higher than 95%! Highly durable and designed to last for years, this is a top contender for your alternative to dentures.

2. Overdentures

For patients who are missing most (if not all) of their teeth, overdentures may be a better alternative. Inserted similarly to dental implants, overdentures offer more stability than your conventional dentures. They also stimulate the jawbone as you eat, helping reduce the bone deterioration that usually occurs with missing teeth.

3. Tooth Supported Fixed Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic attached to surrounding existing teeth in order to bridge the gap and fill in a missing tooth. With this treatment, the adjacent teeth will have to be filed down in order to securely attach the bridge. The tooth supported fixed bridge may not be as durable as dental implants, however.  

4. Resin Bonded Bridge

A resin bonded bridge is once again used to replace a single missing tooth. Unlike the previous option, which requires grinding teeth down, the resin bonded bridge uses “wings” in order to be attached to the neighboring teeth. They aren’t as durable as fixed bridges, however, and dental implants remain the most permanent treatment.

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