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4 Common Causes for Cavities

Find yourself prone to cavities and infections too often or have a family history of it? There are certain factors that might be increasing your risk of tooth decay. There’s far more to it than avoiding sugary foods and sweets! Here are 4 common causes behind cavities.

Sports drinks/ sodas

You might think that sipping on a diet soda or sports drink may be a healthier alternative to hydrate yourself as you exercise. These drinks contain many natural sugars and acids that can reach all areas of your mouth, making you quite prone toweakened enamel and cavities as a result.

Too little water

Water is the best beverage you can consume throughout the course of the day. Not only does it hydrate your body well but it also serves to rinse out your mouth of bacteria each time you take a sip. Make sure to rinse out your mouth with water after every meal.

Not flossing

Your toothbrush can’t reach between your teeth very well. In these hard-to-reach areas are where you’ll find most bacteria lurking and a high percentage of cavities will begin here. To clean them, you need to use floss, a floss pick or water flosser each day.

Poor oral hygiene

Those 6 month checkups at the dentist play a vital role in reducing your risk of cavities. During these checkups, your teeth get a professional cleaning, professional fluoride treatments, fissure sealants and much needed oral hygiene instructions where necessary. We can show you which areas are at a higher risk of tooth decay and what steps you need to take to reduce this.

Drastically cut down your risk of cavities by keeping these points in mind! At Purity Dental we know just how to give you a healthier smile, simply schedule your consultation with us today.