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Your First Filling

getting ready for a tooth filling

Thanks to modern preventative dentistry techniques, our patients and their families have a lower tooth decay risk than generations past. But cavities still happen, and if you’ve just found out that you have tooth decay for the very first time, you may be wondering what it’s like to get a dental filling.


Filling Material Selection

Dental fillings are generally made of a tooth coloured composite material. The type of material is important, especially depending on the location and size of your cavity. If your cavity is large, one of our dentist may show you a stronger filling material made from ceramic. Both composite and ceramic fillings come in various shades and at Purity Dental we will help you pick a shade that suits your smile.


Numbing the Tooth

A small amount of local anesthetic will be used to numb the nerves going to your tooth, so that pain is essentially non-existent. To ease the discomfort, a numbing jelly is applied before we ever inject the anesthetic.


Removal of Decay

A small dental bur is used to clean away the decaying tooth structure and enamel immediately next to it, so that the cavity doesn’t spread.


Placement of Filling

Next, our dentist hand shapes the filling material into your tooth so that it recreates the natural contour and surface. Finally, it cures into place and you can begin using the tooth again as normal. Just note that it can take a few hours for the numbing to wear off!


Care and Maintenance

At Purity Dental we’ll show you how to properly care for your teeth to help your new filling last as long as possible. Regular brushing, flossing, dental checkups and management of teeth grinding habits are essential. In most cases, a filling can last for several years.

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