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Why You Shouldn’t Prolong Your Dental Treatment

woman getting a dental check up

Is the thought of dental treatment leading you into a panic attack?

Well you are not alone!

Many adults fear having dental treatment done and will avoid it as long as possible. However, in doing so it can lead to some of the following;

  • Risking Severe Infection

Serious dental infections can spread quickly to other parts of your body, such as your throat which can lead to closing off your airway!

  • Losing the entire tooth

Large cavities and fractures cause teeth to become weak and break.  If a significant amount is fractured and breaks underneath the gum, there’s a possiblity won’t be salvageable.

  • More Expense

As your condition worsens, you’ll need more expensive treatment.  A filling can turn into a crown, and a crown can turn into a root canal. What was once an affordable procedure can turn into a much costlier one.

  • More Invasive Treatment

The reason some treatments are more expensive than others is because they’re more invasive. More invasive means it will take more time to perform the procedure, and recovery time will be longer.

Comfortable Dental Care

We provide different options to help you relax while you’re here.  Sedation dentistry is one of them, and makes the time to go by faster, and you may not even have any recollection of the procedure that was done. When you come in for your consultation, be sure to let us know your level of anxiety.  Together we can decide which sedation dentistry option is best for you.  Your comfort is a concern of ours and we want to provide you with a pleasant experience!

If you are worried about your dental health our team at Purity Dental are more than happy to help you feel at ease. If you would like more information or a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9540 8900.