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Why You Should Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments

Are you thinking of getting any cosmetic dental procedures done? Whether its bonding, veneers, replacing your fillings or any other treatment, you’ll want to consider whitening your teeth first and here’s why!

Dental Work Won’t Respond to Whitening

When you opt for restorative treatments such as composite bonding, porcelain crowns or fillings, they are designed to match your natural tooth color. When you next go in for your whitening treatment, you’ll find that the ceramic material won’t react to the whitening agents. So if you want to make your smile brighter after restorative treatments, you’ll have to change your entire restoration!

More Natural Dental Work

Whitening your teeth before your dental work gives you a brighter base to compare to. In order to ensure a more natural look, our dentists need to match the material to your natural tooth color. If you schedule your restoration after whitening, we can match the materials to your newly brightened smile! This will also help you know when it’s time to touch up on your whitening treatment as you will notice a color difference between your enamel and dental work.

Gives You a Complete Smile Makeover

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and affordable treatments to give you a complete smile makeover

We recommend coming in for a checkup so we can determine if your teeth are healthy enough to whiten.  We’ll screen for active decay or gum disease and if you’re all clear we can schedule you in for your whitening treatment! Call us on (03) 9540 8900 for more information.