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Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It almost seems like a rite of passage for teens and young adults to need their wisdom teeth extracted. Not everyone has problems with their third molars, but when they do, removing them is usually the best recommendation. Why is that the case?

They Decay and Develop Gum Disease Easily

Because of a lack of space, it’s normal for wisdom teeth to only partly erupt. Partial eruption means a portion of the tooth is visible, while the rest is still nestled under the gumlines. Combined with being difficult to reach, both of these factors make it so that wisdom teeth have a high risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Either of these infections can spread to adjacent teeth. Instead of treating affected third molars and hoping to avoid relapse, a wisdom tooth extraction is usually the best solution.

Damage to Adjacent Teeth

The pressure of wisdom teeth against their neighbours can cause permanent structural damage to those teeth. Sometimes, adjacent teeth resorb (shrink away) because of the pressure placed on their roots.

Cysts in the Jaw

Every tooth develops a natural “eruption cyst” when it’s forming and about to rupture through the gums. Sometimes, that cyst becomes infected and inflamed, causing it to damage adjacent bony structures. We can tell if that’s the case by looking at your full-mouth X-ray.

Schedule a Wisdom Tooth Evaluation

If you’re worried about your wisdom teeth and would like someone to have a look, visit us at Purity Dental for an evaluation. This is visit will involve a straightforward exam and full mouth X-ray to find out what the status is on you or your teen’s wisdom teeth. We’re happy to see new patients and their families!