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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Woman choosing shade for crown

Sometimes called “caps,” dental crowns are a restoration that covers your entire tooth and acts as a helmet to protect your tooth from breaking apart. In most cases, they’re made of porcelain, but they can also be crafted of ceramic/metal layers or gold. You may need one when…


Your Cavity is Too Large to Fill

A small filling is fine when there’s a limited amount of damage to your tooth, but if there will be more filling than tooth present, it will just put you at risk of a dental emergency with the filling and tooth breaking away. Remember, fillings are designed to safely ‘fill’ holes, not rebuild teeth.

There Has Been Severe Trauma or an Injury

Did you chip a front tooth in the bathtub? Get hit in the mouth by a ball? Moderate to severe fractures can’t always be patched up. As with any bodily injury, the tooth will always be more prone to breaking or fracturing again if you’re not careful. Putting a crown on your tooth will protect it from everyday wear while restoring it to its proper shape. It would be such an inconvenience if your filling just broke off whilst eating lunch out with your friends.


You’ve Had a Root Canal

Root canals play an important role in preserving badly-damaged teeth, but they’re not the last line of defence. Now that your tooth has had the nerve treated, it’s no longer alive. As such, it’s more brittle and prone to fracturing just like an old dead tree branch. Having a crown made to go over your endodontically treated tooth will protect it from splitting for years to come.

You’re Changing Out an Old, Large Filling

Each time a filling is removed due to breakage or decay, the tooth around it needs to be buffed out and reshaped. Gradually, this causes the supporting tooth structure to thin out and weaken increasing the risk of a broken tooth. As with repairing large cavities, replacing a large filling will eventually evolve into requiring a crown.


Dental Crowns in Mulgrave

At Purity Dental, we want your new crown to be something that you feel comfortable and confident in. That’s why we hand select the shade, size, and shape of your new restoration to blend in with the smile around it. We have the technology to craft crowns and veneers in one visit using our onsite CAD/CAM 3D design and milling machine. Come on by and let us show you how it’s done.