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Why A Scale & Clean Is So Important

Scheduling a checkup at Purity Dental goes far beyond having your teeth polished! During a scale and clean appointment, our team is able to catch any unwanted oral diseases and dental issues early on and devise the best possible solution to correct them. When corrected as early as possible, it’s also far easier and more affordable to treat! Here’s exactly what’s going on when you show up for your scale and clean appointment:

Measurement of Gum and Bone Levels

The stability of your teeth largely depends on the hard and soft tissues beneath them! This is why, if we notice any compromise to the structure of your teeth, we make use of a special tool to measure the attaching tissues and compare it to your bone height, taken from X-rays.

Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer is a widespread disease and oral cancer in particular can be quite hard to detect on your own until it has reached a rather advanced stage. This is where we screen for any change in tissue so a specialist can intervene as early as possible if needed.

Assessing TMJ Function

Many people suffer from TMJ disorder which impacts muscle movement along the jaw. Not only does it hinder your ability to talk and eat, it can also give way to pain along your face, neck and even head. By showing up for a scale and clean, we can evaluate how well your TMJ is functioning.

Early Warning Signs

Medical conditions usually show warning signs along the inside of your mouth! This can apply to a disease as deadly as cancer to something as common as a vitamin deficiency. If our team notices any change to your oral tissue, we’ll able to notify you far earlier than you would have realized on your own!

Schedule a scale and clean every 6 months to maintain a healthy smile! Our team of expert dentists will make sure your oral health is in the safest possible hands.