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When to Replace a Tooth

man needs to replace tooth

If you have a problematic tooth or recently experienced an injury to your mouth, you may be wondering if it’s best to have your tooth extracted and replaced, or if you should try to keep it as long as possible.

While natural tooth preservation is usually the ideal option for our patients at Purity Dental, it’s not always what’s best. Here are a few instances where you may want to discuss tooth replacement with our team:


A non-restorable tooth

At a certain point, severely damaged or decayed teeth can no longer be repaired. Investing in a crown or filling that will fail isn’t cost effective or helpful. A proactive extraction and prompt planned tooth replacement can help to keep your smile aligned and functioning normally.


If you’re undergoing full mouth rehabilitation.

Perhaps you only have a few unsatisfactory teeth left and are looking to have all of them replaced with dental implants or a full arch denture. Removing and replacing the last remaining teeth can benefit your mouth overall.


Sometimes the cost of restoring the tooth can be quite steep and replacing it may be more cost effective and more manageable for maintenance.

Types of Tooth Replacement Restorations

Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, our dentists may discuss different options such as a fixed bridge, dental implant, removable partial denture or a full denture. During your exam at Purity Dental, we’ll discuss what choices are available and the most beneficial to your unique oral health situation.

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