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What’s Causing Your Sensitive Teeth?

Noticed your teeth seem to be more sensitive as of late? Do your teeth feel tender every time you bite into hot/cold foods or when you brush your teeth?There could be a number of factors causing this! Here are some of the most common causes for sensitive teeth:

Commercial whitening kits

Do you use over-the-counter whitening kits to brighten your smile? This could be the reason for your increased sensitivity. Whitening products contain components that can open up tooth tubules like pores which is why we always recommend using professional-grade whitening products from our very own clinic for your safety.

Gum recession

When gum recession occurs, it leaves most of your roots exposed. Since your roots are porous and not covered by a protective shell, better known as enamel, this makes it one of most sensitive areas of your teeth. When exposed and in contact with external elements, this can leave your teeth quite tender. We have plenty of treatments for this, luckily.


If you’re experiencing sensitivity inform our dentist during your checkup so you can be checked for any cavities or infections. These problems may give way to tooth sensitivity but keep in mind that sometimes you might not even feel any pain or realize you have an infection until it becomes quite severe. Hence, we recommend regular checkups to mitigate this.


The protective layer over your teeth- the enamel- tends to get thinner with time due to excessive wear and erosion. As a result, the softer and sensitive dentin layer underneath will be exposed leaving you far more sore when it comesto hot/cold beverages or brushing your teeth.

Schedule an appointment at Purity Dental and we’ll help you figure out the cause behind your tooth sensitivity and how to combat it.