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What is Cosmetic Teeth Straightening?

If you’ve ever wished that you could get braces for a short period of time just to straighten your front teeth, then cosmetic alignment options are a great treatment to consider.

Cosmetic teeth straightening is done for aesthetic purposes only, rather than comprehensive procedures that address your entire bite. As such, they’re limited to the teeth in your “smile zone” — that is, the ones people notice when you’re smiling, talking, or laughing.

Quicker Results, Less Time in Appliances

Since fewer teeth are adjusted in a cosmetic teeth-straightening case, the process takes much less time. Most of our patients see full results between 4-9 months.

That means you could have straighter looking teeth before the year is up! There’s no need to be in braces for 24 months or more, just to have a better-looking smile.

No Metal Braces Needed

Depending on the type of accelerated orthodontics system you choose, you may not even require brackets and wires. At Purity Dental we offer discreet tooth coloured appliances as well as retainer-like mouthpieces and translucent aligners. Each option is subtle and has its own advantages (like removable braces or cosmetic brackets that blend in with your smile.)

As an adult, you can straighten your teeth without having to detract from your professional appearance. We’ll talk through each option during your consultation to help you settle on the one that’s best for your lifestyle and cosmetic goals.

A Faster Path to Straighter Teeth

If your teeth are relatively healthy and you don’t have major malocclusion (misaligned bite) concerns caused by your TMJ or back teeth, then cosmetic braces may be an option for you!

Schedule a consultation at Purity Dental in Mulgrave to find out which type of accelerated tooth movement options you qualify for. Flexible financing plans are available for your convenience.