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Oral Cancer Check

Oral cancer screening – some of the symptoms

  • bullet Sore gums
  • bullet Sore spots around the inside of the mouth
  • bullet Loose teeth
  • bullet Changes in speech/difficulties speaking
  • bullet Difficulties swallowing and chewing food

An ulcer or sore inside the mouth should heal within two weeks. If it doesn’t, it’s best to have a dentist take a look.

If left untreated, it can become a health concern.

We complete an oral cancer check as part of your general check-up.

Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth, which most commonly involves the lips or the tongue. It may also occur on the:

  • bullet Cheek lining
  • bullet Floor of the mouth
  • bullet Gums (gingiva)
  • bullet Roof of the mouth (palate)


Sore, lump, or ulcer in the mouth:

  • bullet May be a deep, hard-edged crack in the tissue
  • bullet Most often pale-coloured, but may be dark or discoloured
  • bullet On the tongue, lip, or other area of the mouth
  • bullet Usually painless at first (may develop a burning sensation or pain when the tumour is advanced)
  • bullet Bleeding

Other symptoms that may occur with oral cancer include:

  • bullet Chewing problems
  • bullet Mouth sores
  • bullet Pain with swallowing
  • bullet Speech difficulties
  • bullet Swallowing difficulty
  • bullet Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • bullet Tongue problems
  • bullet Weight loss
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Your doctor and/or dentist will examine your mouth area.

The examination may show:

  • bullet A sore on the lip, tongue, or other area of the mouth
  • bullet An ulcer or bleeding

Tests used to confirm oral cancer include:

  • bullet Gum biopsy
  • bullet Tongue biopsy

X-rays and CT scans may be performed to determine if the cancer has spread.