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Many of us have a passion for sport but the injuries associated can be devastating. An injury can result in the loss of one or more teeth, broken teeth or jaw and damage to gums and lips. According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), about one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports-related. These injuries can often be prevented by wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a thick shield that fits over your teeth. Generally they are worn during sports and other activities that involve a high risk of impact to the face.

Mouthguards can also be used outside of sports too; for jaw issues, teeth grinding and clenching. These mouthguards are different and are usually called splints; they can also help with snoring or sleep apnoea.

How does a mouthguard help?

Mouthguards act as a buffer from impact. During impact, the force can travel through your jaw, teeth and skull resulting in fractures and even concussions. The spongy material helps to absorb the shock and lessen the force applied.

Mouth Guard
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What is a custom-fitted mouthguard?

A custom-fitted mouthguard is constructed and fitted by a dental professional to provide the best protection for your teeth and jaw. This is because the mouthguard fits closely to your teeth and does not fall out.

Our dentists at Purity Dental will take an impression/mould of your teeth to fabricate your custom mouthguard. It needs to be at least 4mm thick, with a cushioning effect to provide protection and a snug fit so it’s still possible to talk.

Poorly fitting mouthguards can cause discomfort and breathing difficulties.

Caring for your mouthguard

Make sure your mouthguard is in good condition. To be certain, ask your dental professional to inspect it during a check-up. If it’s been damaged when playing, it may need to be replaced.

Remember, if a mouthguard starts to feel uncomfortable or doesn’t fit well, see your dentist for help.