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Orthotropic Treatment

Facial Growth Guidance in Melbourne

What is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics, also known as facial growth guidance, is a dental treatment and philosophy that looks at proper facial development. The aim of orthotropic therapy is to correct the growth of the face and jaws by affecting the most likely causes; muscle tone, posture and function. The objective of orthotropic treatment is to correct any misalignment of the jaw or growth patterns that indicate misalignment. Orthotropic treatment generally has the best results when conducted before the ages of 10 in younger children when the jaw is still developing, however treatment is possible at any age.

How does Orthotropic treatment work?

Orthotropics is not considered a specific method of treatment but rather a philosophy of treatment. Treatment methods that result in a positive change in the direction of facial growth or one that increases the horizontal growth to fix misalignment is considered orthotropic treatment.

Orthotropics promotes horizontal growth to provide space for the teeth to align naturally and the tongue to come up out of the airway giving patients the opportunity to normalise their oral health, neck posture, and breathing. Removable widening appliances are used to make this room.

Orthotropic therapy requires considerable co-operation from the patient and support from parents to provide a good result.

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