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Three Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

getting a dental crown

Trying to avoid a dental crown? If you’re in one of these three situations, it’s best not to put it off any longer.

A Filling Just Won’t Stay Put

In order for a tooth to get a filling, there needs to be enough structure around the restoration to hold in it in place. Fillings can’t cover large areas or build a tooth, as they’ll break or fall out the moment you put any pressure on them. If the area is small enough, with enamel surrounding all sides, then a filling should be fine. However, thin surrounding structure and a large filling is just setting the tooth up for failure (like a cracked tooth); it’s best to put a full crown over it instead.

You Just Had a Root Canal

Endodontic treatment leaves your tooth slightly brittle, because there’s no longer a living nerve and blood supply inside. Putting a crown over your tooth is like putting a helmet on your head, and will help strengthen the tooth while in regular use. Otherwise, normal biting and chewing might lead to unwanted cracks, fractures or wear.

There’s Significant Structural Damage

Let’s say you fractured your tooth or tend to grind/clench so heavily that a large portion is worn away. The imbalance in your bite can make you “overwork” other teeth, and even translate into irregular TMJ or jaw joint movements. It’s best to save your tooth now, then to struggle with TMJ treatments and pain later on.

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Purity Dental offers durable crowns that are both strong and aesthetic. These crowns are protective and help preserve your smile so that you can keep your natural teeth for years to come. Call our Mulgrave dental office today for an exam.