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Should I Get Sedation During My Dental Appointment?

woman having sedation dentistry

Dental sedation (aka “sleep dentistry”) comes in a variety of different methods and strengths. Some are deeper than others. Certain types of sedatives even cause amnesia, meaning that you’re likely to forget most of your dental appointment altogether. On the other hand, lighter analgesics allow you to remain fully alert.

But how can you tell if sedation dentistry is right for you? Is it time to talk to one of our Mulgrave dentists at Purity Dental. Ask them about adding a sedative medication to your next appointment. Here are a few signs that sedation is a good choice.

You Keep Putting Your Oral Health Care Off

Problems like cavities and gum disease don’t resolve on their own. You know you need to have them treated, but keep delaying the procedure. Electing to have sedation can help you rest easy throughout the entire treatment. Prolonging your oral health care needs, will become more complex and expensive to perform in the future.

Going to the Dentist Raises Your Blood Pressure

“White coat syndrome” is something that happens when people tend to get nervous when they step into a doctor or dentist’s office. Even if our Purity Dental team has known you for years, getting nervous about coming to the dentist can be quite common.

You Have a Sensitive Gag Reflex

Does it tickle your throat or put a knot in your stomach when it’s time for a dental checkup? Light sedatives can help you be less sensitive to stimuli, so that your gag reflex isn’t so overactive.

Dental Sedation in Mulgrave

Purity Dental is happy to meet with you to discuss the types of sedation available in our office. If you’re curious about trying it out for your next filling — or cleaning — we encourage you to call and book a consultation with our Mulgrave dentist.