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Same appointment ceramic crowns are here!

We are pleased to announce we can now offer one-visit tooth coloured ceramic crowns. Purity Dental has invested in the latest technology in the field of dentistry with the ability to produce in-office CAD/CAM crowns, veneers and inlay/onlay restorations. Since the start of 2017, we have installed and have been offer patients the freedom of crowns made by the Planmeca Fit System.

What are CAD/CAM restorations?

Ceramic restorations such as porcelain crowns, veneers or inlays/onlays have traditionally required messy impressions/moulds to be taken and sent to the laboratory to be made. A temporary crown is usually placed in during the interim. A second visit (usually 2 weeks later) is then required to cement the restoration in.

With advanced 3D computer technology and equipment, we can now prepare the tooth, scan and design the crown, then mill the ceramic crown at our clinic – all in the ONE APPOINTMENT.

Eliminating that second visit will:

  • save you time from making another appointment
  • avoid getting numbed up AGAIN
  • no need for a temporary crown which may fall out
  • any ill fitting crowns or discrepancies can be rectified on the spot

Can anyone get a CAD/CAM restoration?

Well, almost. As every person’s mouth is different, we have to assess what’s the best treatment option for the patient. There are limitations of CAD/CAM technology such as:

  • the tooth may be too far back for the intra-oral scanner to reach
  • sometimes there are other materials, such as gold, which may be more ideal  for a specific treatment.

Feel free to contact us at or 03 9540 8900 for more information regarding this fantastic technology.