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Just How Safe are Dental X-rays?

dentist showing an xray

If you’re good about keeping up with your dental checkups, you’ve probably noticed that our Purity Dental Mulgrave dentists order X-rays from time to time during your exam. But are digital X-rays safe enough to get taken every year? Absolutely! Here’s why:

Today’s routine x-rays use less radiation than the traditional films a few decades ago. Sometimes, as much as 90% less!

Getting a couple of bitewing X-rays to check for cavities between your teeth will expose you to less radiation than eating a banana. Yes, you heard that right!

A full mouth series of X-rays (which is usually only taken about every 3-5 years) will expose you to less radiation than what you would experience on a flight from coast to coast across Australia.

But if X-rays are so safe, why do our Mulgrave dentists step out of the room each time? This is so that no cumulative exposure has a chance to build up for our dentist and team members.

Skipping your X-rays can make it impossible to screen for cavities, leaky fillings and abscessed teeth. Our Mulgrave dentists will only recommend radiographs if we feel they’re necessary for the best overall health experience. It’s the same thing we would want for our own families.

Has it been at least a year or more since your last dental X-rays? Schedule a checkup at Purity Dental today!