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Is Flossing Really Necessary?

Woman flossing

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like flossing. At Purity Dental we know it’s no secret that flossing is a hard habit to get into. And chances are, if you’ve never had a cavity, you may be asking our Mulgrave dentists, “is flossing really even necessary?”

Yes. It is. And here’s why:

Your Toothbrush Can’t Clean Between Your Teeth

Brush as long and hard as you want, and the bristles will never be able to reach in between your teeth. Only flossing will physically remove the acids, bacteria, and food debris that have accumulated throughout the day. Wrap the floss snuggly against your tooth and rub it up and down each side, slipping it gently under the gumline to clean the area underneath. If it bleeds a little, that’s ok.


Gum Disease Starts Where Floss Cleans

Periodontal (gum) disease starts when bacteria in dental plaque burrow beneath the gumline, creating “pockets” around each tooth where the gums have detached. When not cleaned regularly with floss (and brushing the lip and tongue sides of the gumline), the pockets become infected and cause the gum tissue to detach more than normal. This leads to active gum disease, bone loss, wobbly teeth… and eventually even loss of your teeth.


There Are Other “Flossing” Methods Out There

Before you decide to toss the floss for good, you’ll be glad to know there are easier options for cleaning along your gums and between your teeth. Water flossers are just one example. These home hygiene aids make it easy to clean your mouth with a steady stream of water, often reaching deeper areas under the gums that floss can’t.

Want to find out if your flossing routine is doing its job? Schedule an exam at Purity Dental in Mulgrave twice a year to keep your smile healthy for life.