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How the CDBS Helps Your Family

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a health scheme that makes it possible for qualifying families to access the dental care their child needs.

As long as your family qualifies for Medicaid, you likely fall into most of the criteria for meeting the guidelines on applying for CDBS. The actual CDBS plan covers children between the ages of 2-18 and can be renewed every two years.

What’s Covered?

CDBS includes up to $1,000 in dental treatments per child. Again, this number can re-set every two years as long as your family still qualifies. The allowance covers general preventive dental which includes check ups and cleanings (twice a year) and fillings and emergency care.

For eligible patients, these can be claimed for processing at our practice.

Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Health

Most dental problems are preventable. By bringing your child to see our Mulgrave family dentist every six months, we can monitor their oral development and health. If any issues such as tiny spots of decay that arise, we can intercept them when they’re smaller. The tinier the filling, the less invasive the process and less painful it is for your child. Plus, fixing smaller cavities will prevent larger long term problems

Your child’s teeth play a huge role in the health of their future adult smile. By promoting good oral hygiene, scheduling regular cleanings, and tackling dental problems as they arise, will allow your child to keep their permanent teeth healthy for life.

Learn More

If you’re not sure whether your child qualifies for CDBS, check with one of our friendly team members. Taking advantage of these included benefits is a great way to ensure your child has access to the dental care that they need. Call us today on 9540 8900!