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Hidden Signs of Tooth Decay

woman with tooth decay

Could you have a cavity without even realizing it? If so, you might be surprised if our Mulgrave dentist recommends a filling during your next appointment.

To combat tooth decay early on and minimize the risk of cavities spreading into adjacent teeth, watch for these common signs of cavities:

Floss Shredding

When you floss your teeth, does the string tend to get hung up in one area of your mouth? When you glide it out, is the floss starting to shred or tear apart? It could be that it’s getting stuck on a rough area of tooth decay or leaky margin around an existing filling.

Food Getting Caught Between Teeth

Cavities create physical holes inside of your teeth. One of the most common areas for decay to start is where teeth touch one another. If you’re getting food stuck between the same two teeth at every meal, it may be that there’s a problem like decay or gum disease.

Sensitivity to Certain Types of Foods or Beverages

A red flag for tooth decay is sensitivity to sweets. Even if you’re not eating candies, you may feel pain when you indulge on a soda or coffee with your favorite creamer. The pain usually feels sharp and happens every time you eat or drink something that’s sweet.

A Bad Taste

Bacteria that collect inside of a cavity or other area of infection can gradually lead to a foul taste or odor coming from your tooth. If you notice that brushing doesn’t keep your breathe as fresh as it used to, there’s an underlying reason why.

We’re Here to Help!

At Purity Dental, our Mulgrave dentists strive to diagnose problems early on so that they can be treated quickly and affordably. If you think you have a cavity or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, schedule an exam at your earliest convenience.