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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating at Purity Dental Mulgrave Vic

Processed foods vs raw food
No added sugars, preservatives

Benefits of eating raw foods:

  1. You can eat as much raw food as you want and you will still be able to maintain your weight
  2. They are rich in fibre! – there are many types of fibres in raw food, one of them being necessary when it comes to losing weight
  3. Raw vegetables
  4. are rich in vitamins which mean they are also a natural resource to help maintain clear skin. (carrots, salad, cucumber & tomatoes)
  5. It contains not only a natural source of vitamins but gives you energy, to keep you running throughout the day.
  6. They contain very little saturated fats!
  7. Food that is cooked above the 46C° mark, will lose a lot of its nutritional value.

Try and always purchase organic raw food as they contain a lot less chemicals in them compare to your local supermarket range.