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Handling a Dental Emergency

If you’ve ever broken a tooth, had a bad toothache, or found yourself with a dental abscess while you’re out of town, you know how disheartening a dental emergency can be.

Knowing what to do first can help you get out of pain and save your smile, limiting the extent of treatment you need. Here are a few tips from Purity Dental if you or your family are in the middle of a dental emergency:

What to Do if You Break or Knock Out a Tooth: Act fast. Locate your tooth fragment and store it in milk or your saliva, making sure it’s fully submerged. If the tooth is whole, try placing it (but not forcing it) back into its socket. Get to our Purity Dental Mulgrave dentist office within the hour.


If You Have a Crown or Bridge Break Off: Sometimes old caps or bridges can come loose. If you feel it shifting around, the last thing you want is for it to come out while you’re eating, and then bite down and break another tooth. Contact us to as soon as possible so one of our dentist can have a look.

If your crown or bridge comes out, store your restoration in a zip lock bag and bring it straight to our office. If it’s a front tooth and it’s after hours or on the weekend, you can pick up temporary dental cement at the pharmacy to help hold your restoration in place for a day or two until we can see you.


Bleeding Lips or Gums: Since your mouth is full of blood vessels, it can bleed easily and heavy. First and foremost, apply firm pressure with a clean cloth, tissue, or medical gauze. After a few minutes the bleeding should subside. If it doesn’t and continues to be very heavy, head to the emergency room.

Purity Dental offers urgent care for dental emergencies, to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Our Mulgrave dentists see patients of all ages. Call us today!