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Gum lifts

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift is when the gums are reshaped in order to reduce the amount of gum tissue shown or to have a more even gum line when you smile. This also allows for the teeth to appear longer and be more aesthetically pleasing. Gum lifts are generally only done around your front teeth as they are typically the most visible part when you smile. They can be done in conjunction with whitening and crowns to provide the best cosmetic result.

Why would I need a gum lift?

Showing too much gum tissue when you smile, having excessive gum tissue around your teeth or an uneven gum line results in a ‘gummy smile’. Often one can be quite self-conscious of this imbalance and may even avoid smiling in social interactions.

By restoring balance between your gums and teeth, gum lifts aim to achieve a more beautiful and natural looking smile.

What causes a gummy smile?

There are a number of reasons why you might have a gummy smile. It is largely genetic, but other common factors are – excessive development of your top jaw, your top lip raising higher than normal and also certain medications which cause you to have excessive gum tissue.

What is involved in a gum lift?

Before proceeding, your dentist will assess your case to ensure you are a suitable candidate and also discuss any specific risks involved. Gum lifts are a fairly quick and pain-free surgical procedure done under local anaesthesia. However, if you are anxious about dental treatment, your dentist can discuss sedation options with you. Once the area is numbed, your gums are cut and re-contoured as necessary to achieve the desired appearance. Sometimes a small amount of underlying bone will need to be removed to help achieve the desired balance between your gums and teeth.

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Does it take a long time to heal after a gum lift?

Not at all. Typically you will heal within a week and any postoperative pain can easily be managed with over the counter pain relief medication. If other procedures are done at the same time as the gum lift, the healing period may be a little longer and you may have a little more postoperative pain. You will need to be cautious with eating – hard and crunchy foods should be avoided during the healing period. Continued brushing and flossing, albeit more gentle, is typically recommended to ensure good healing.