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Gum Disease? Whats that?

gum disease in female

Gum Disease? What’s that?

Do you find there is bleeding when you’re brushing or flossing your teeth? Or there’s an off taste or bad breath? Maybe the gums are receding, or the teeth are more sensitive? Something might be going on but there’s no pain – what is happening?

Healthy gums are the foundation to a heathy body and long lasting smile. If you are a new patient at Purity Dental in Mulgrave, we will perform a screening for gum disease, or periodontitis, as part of your comprehensive exam.  It’s important to know where you stand with your gum health so that we can properly help you keep your oral health in check.

At your initial visit, we will screen for gum disease by taking:

  • Probing Depths

A special instrument called a probe will be used to take measurements along the gum lines.  Healthy gum tissue is tight up against the tooth.  If excessive buildup packs under the gums, then the tissue will pull away from the tooth, forming a deep pocket where good and bacteria can harvest and eat away at the bone.

Gently placing the probe just under the gumlines, we can determine the depth of the pocket.  1-3mm depths mean you have tight and healthy gum tissue. Measurements of 4mm or above suggest that there is buildup packed under the gums, which will need to be thoroughly cleaned out.

  • Radiographs

Most appointments begin with a series of radiographs that will show if there is buildup underneath your gums.  The bone that hold the roots of your teeth will be examined to determine if bone loss has occurred.

If you are diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis, we will remove the buildup below the gums with special tools.  Sometimes anesthesia will be used in order to make you comfortable during this deep scaling procedure.  Once clean and healthy, the gums will be able to have a chance to tighten back up against the teeth.  You will need to visit us regularly in order to properly maintain optimal health of your gum tissues.

It’s important to note that once if you’ve experienced bone loss, it will not grow back. Good news is that getting your gums healthy will prevent further bone loss and keep you from having to lose teeth in the future.

Got any questions? It’s time to get your gum disease under control. The team at Purity Dental in Mulgrave can help.  Give us an email or call today.