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Getting the Most Out Of Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening

Yay! You’ve decided to brighten your smile! Seeing a dentist will help you get a better result than using a whitening kit sold over the counter. Is there anything extra you can do to ensure your smile responds better to the product?

Here are a few tips and tricks that we want our teeth whitening patients to know about:

Get a Check and Clean First

For your whitening gel to work as effectively as possible, you want to have a clean surface to apply it to. Getting a scale and clean (with a polish) will make it easier for the concentrated whitening product to reach all of the areas of your smile, without buildup getting in the way.


Drink Through a Straw

It sounds silly but drinking through a straw can help you limit the contact that potentially stain-filled liquids such as coffee, tea, or soda have on your teeth!

Avoid Adding Superficial Stains Back into Your Diet

Certain foods such as tomato sauce, curry, or dark berries all have the potential to re-stain your tooth enamel. If they would be hard to get out of a white blouse in the laundry, then they’ll also be harsher (stain wise, that is) to your smile.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Help limit new stain accumulation by using a whitening toothpaste during and after your treatment. This will help to extend results by discouraging new stain build-up across your enamel.

Touch Up as Directed

Our teeth are porous. As such, they naturally tend to soak up new stains over time. By touching up as directed, you can keep discoloration to a minimum and have your smile looking whiter, longer.

Is whitening an option for you? Contact Purity Dental today to schedule a consultation!