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Four Reasons to Whiten Your Smile

Woman after teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to get years of stain and natural tooth discoloration off of your teeth. But if you’re wondering why it’s time to go ahead and take the plunge at your next dental appointment, here are four common things to we have encountered with our patients over the years:


You Plan on Getting Cosmetic Treatment

If you hope to eventually get veneers or dental bonding done, your new restoration will be matched to the colour of your adjacent teeth. A brighter “canvas” will help you opt for whiter restorations when treatment time comes around.


You’re Not Sure Where to Start with Your Smile Makeover

Teeth whitening is a great place to start on any smile makeover. It can be combined with other services, or used independently for an instantly brighter look when you smile or laugh around other people. We have found that some patients have had planned to have a complete smile make over, however, with some whitening and simple corrections to the shape of the teeth, they have found themselves happy with their natural smile.

Whiter Teeth Tend to Look Younger and Healthier

Our teeth naturally darken as we age, mostly because of environmental factors like the foods we eat, drinks we enjoy, or other factors like tea, coffee and tobacco use. When we erase those, it tends to imply that the teeth look whiter because they’re younger (even if they really aren’t!)

It’s Affordable

Starting from just $299, Professional High Strength Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments at Purity Dental. Not only can it be completed quickly, you don’t have to take extra time off of work to see a big difference. The results are easy to maintain and can be touched up for years, extending your bright smile well into the future.

Get Whiter Teeth Today

Before starting a cosmetic teeth whitening routine, our Mulgrave dentists will need to make sure your smile is healthy and free of issues like gum disease or tooth decay. We will professionally clean away existing heavy stains, ready for your teeth to have the perfect whitening experience. Schedule a consultation at Purity Dental today and start whitening right away!