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Five Advantages of Dental Implants

man with dental implants

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth or find an alternative to your conventional dentures? Dental implants offer several tremendous advantages to our patients.

Here are just a few that are worth considering:


They’re Stronger Than Natural Teeth

Once an implant has integrated with the body and bone has fused it permanently in place, it can withstand more weight than healthy teeth. Their strength means implants typically outperform removable conventional prosthetics like dentures or partial plates.


Implants Last

When properly placed and well cared for, today’s implants have the potential of success rate is close to 98%, making them a very reliable and effective option for our patients.


They Can Look and Feel Like Your Original Smile

Modern implants are made in a way that resembles natural teeth more closely than other types of replacement treatments. The individual, artificial tooth roots topped with a ceramic crown are nearly the same size and shape as the teeth they’re designed to replace.


Ability to Replace Multiple Teeth

Implants can be used in pairs or sets as few as four to support full-arch prosthetics such as hybrid dentures, overdentures, and bridges. During your consultation, our dentists can help you determine the best option for full mouth reconstructive treatments.


Best Return on Investment

At Purity Dental in Mulgrave, we want our patients to understand that investing in dental implants often outweighs the benefits and costs of other tooth replacement options. Although other options may initially appear more affordable, implants generally tend to outlast and outperform them; therefore, they can be a worthwhile consideration for patients who are candidates for the procedure.

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